Singularity University Founder Runs a School for Startups

Singularity University challenges its graduates to change the lives of a billion people over a decade.

Its latest class projects include drones delivering medicine to isolated African villages, an automated “personal coach” advising people about health risks based on their genetic profiles, and online games for homeowners to slash their electricity bills. Yet theyre much more than just academic exercises; each idea has led to new startups backed by some of Silicon Valleys biggest investors.The effort embodies the philosophy of Peter Diamandis, cofounder of Singularity University and a leading entrepreneur with degrees in medicine and aerospace engineering.

As CEO and Chairman of the X Prize Foundation, Diamandis has already transformed challenges — ranging from private spaceflight to oil spill cleanup— into prize opportunities.But when Diamandis read Ray Kurzweils book, “The Singularity Is Near,” about technologies capable of transforming life on Earth within a few decades, he gained new inspiration. He decided to convene some of the worlds most brilliant young minds in the heart of Silicon Valley , give them a crash course on the fastest-changing technologies of our time, and then unleash them like smart missiles to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Read the interview.

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