Meet the Real Mother of Invention: Persistence

PersistenceFor Jonas Eliasson to bring the Me-Mover to market, all it took was one eureka moment. And then 13 years of painstaking improvement.

The planning began in 1998. He thought on the train, on his walk to the office, and at night instead of sleeping. He kept thinking after he moved to Denmark and co-founded an optical touch-screen developer. Ten years later, after several versions of sketches and plans, Jonas built the first crude prototype of an upright three-wheeled scooter powered by a driver pushing pedals. Now three years–and several more prototypes later — Jonas has taken delivery of the production-ready version of the “Me-Mover.”

  • Company: Me-Mover
  • Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Founder: Jonas Eliasson
  • Previous startups: Co-founder, O-pen 2002, a developer of optical touch-screen solutions
  • Revenues: Pre-revenue
  • Employees: 5
  • Raised: US$700,000
  • From: SDTI, Denmark

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