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Ford Police Interceptor using Starchase – Fires GPS tracking units

“The system, known as Starchase, features an air cannon mounted to the front grill of a police car that fires GPS tracking units covered in a soft adhesive substance so they immediately stick to their target.

Once a pursued vehicle has been tagged, the police can stop their high-speed chase and fall back to a safe distance without losing tabs on the car. It also means the driver being pursued will slow down if they think they’ve lost the police.” via Gizmodo



ISPIM Communication Co-ordinator

ISPIM Communication Co-ordinator

This position is aimed at a junior innovation management scholar wishing to establish a career and professional network within the innovation management community. This is a remunerated position, but of greater importance and benefit to the successful applicant is the learning and networking opportunity that the position provides within ISPIM and its network. The successful applicant will be the main executor of ISPIM Membership, Event, Services and Activity Communications/Marketing and will have direct contact with individual members & associates, associations, organisations, publications, websites and social media. The candidate will be fully promoted by ISPIM within the global innovation management community.

Applicants must be enrolled in a research-based Masters or Doctoral programme and have at least two years remaining before graduation. Working with the geographically-disbursed ISPIM team, and under the guidance of the Executive Director, the ISPIM Communications Co-ordinator will plan and execute ISPIM’s email, social media and web communications in order to fulfil ISPIM’s documented strategic goals.

More specifically, the co-ordinator will:
 *establish and execute a plan for continually increasing and maintaining ISPIM’s contacts/channels & communicate this to the ISPIM     team.
 *establish an “overall message” for each of ISPIM’s activities, events and services, which is reflected in the choice of channel, message content, message form etc.
 *develop and share with the ISPIM team a “communications calendar” partially assist the Association Administrator with event administration during the very busiest period each year (usually early-May).

Working on-site: have travel, accommodation and subsistence paid for by ISPIM to the annual ISPIM Conference. The delegate fee is also waived, of course. The candidate will be expected to help with whatever needs doing during a busy conference and will also be expected to attend sessions, present and network extensively with delegates travel, accommodation and subsistence are not paid for by ISPIM to other ISPIM events, however the delegate fee is waived.

The position is a part-time, permanent position with varying workload throughout the year and is expected to complement the candidate’s existing professional activities. The position is remunerated at approximately EUR 3000 for an estimated 30-35 days of work per year.

The candidate must (please do not apply if you do not meet these five criteria):
 *have at least 2 years of experience in a professional marketing environment, be permanently resident in Europe, Eastern Canada/North-East USA, or South-East Asia/Australia .
 *have previously attended an ISPIM event or be associated with an organisation that has regularly contributed delegates or members to ISPIM, be able to communicate in excellent business English, be enrolled in a research-based Masters or Doctoral programme (innovation, masters or similar) and have at least 24 months to go before expected graduation.

The ideal candidate should exhibit the following personal traits:
 *be a self-starter who is capable of working independently for long periods, have excellent attention to detail and organisational and analytical skills,  be able to deliver under time-pressure, and understand how to get a job done.

Please, by Friday 20th September, provide to conference@ispim.org (Early applications will be favoured):
1. A standard 1-2 page C.V. that lists relevant and recent experience in positions held or education taken in the last 5 years.
2. A detailed letter of motivation and suitability that covers the following points. Please use concrete examples from private/professional life:
a. Interest

i. What is the connection between your current research topic/project, your professional position and ISPIM?
ii. Why would this position suit you for the next 2 years?
iii. What are your main concerns about the position/your suitability?

b. Computer use
i. What marketing/communications software/internet sites do you regularly use?
ii. What experience have you had with databases and Excel for lists? Anything else similar?
iii. What experience have you had in website design, development or maintenance?

c. Skills
i. List some examples of mixed-media or online marketing/communications projects that you have conducted.
ii. What training have you had in marketing and communications?

d. Availability
i. The position is part-time, permanent with very variable workload. How does this fit with your current lifestyle and other commitments
and needs that you have?
ii. The position requires that you are available to travel for one week every June and that you are available full-time at certain peak weeks
throughout the year. Describe how this can be ensured, given your other personal and professional commitments.

Questions and points of clarification can be addressed to Dr Steffen Conn (Operations Director – ISPIM) conference@ispim.org

Primer avión de entrenamiento militar y civil fabricado en Colombia

Fabricado en Colombia por Aiming (http://aiming.aero/index.html) compañía del portafolio LIFT Growth & Innovation (http://www.lift-gi.com) , con la contribución de Indaer (http://www.indaer.com.co/). 


Este avión de categoria certificable, que tiene instrumentación de última generación y un diseño que permite acrobacias y entrenamiento en situaciones inusuales, es el primero en su categoria en Colombia y fue fabricado por Aiming dueño de la propiedad intelectual de un diseño alemán.

El avión está en proceso de certificación para ser fabricado y comercializado a escuelas y academias de entrenamiento civil y militar del mundo.

Pueden visitar el stand de la empresa en la sexta versión del encuentro aeronáutico www.faircolombia.com.co/‎ contará con espectáculos de las Fuerzas Militares de países como Estados Unidos, Brasil y Alemania, entre otros.

Otro de los stand mas atractivos es el proyecto Iris UAV adelantado por la Corporación de la Industria Aeronáutica Colombiana (Ciac), esta aeronave, que es la versión criolla de los polémicos drones estadounidenses, tiene 3,20 metros de envergadura, llega a los 15.000 pies de techo de vuelo y transmite fotos y video remotamente desde 100 kilómetros de distancia.

Image (Lift Growth & Innovation)

Corporate Venturing – Getting stronger in 2012 & 2013

How are we doing in Latin America? Do we have mixed units of  M&A, Corporate Venturing and R&D and Innovation?? or What do we have?

Video: Corporate Venturing


From downtown San Francisco to Palo Alto, companies like American Express and Ford are opening offices and investing millions of dollars in local start-ups. This year, American Express opened a venture capital office in Facebook‘s old headquarters in downtown Palo Alto. Less than three miles away, General Motors‘ research lab houses full-time investment professionals, recent transplants from Detroit.

“American Express is a 162-year-old company, and this is a moment of transformation,” said Harshul Sanghi, a managing partner at American Express Ventures, the venture capital arm of the financial company. “We’re here to be a part of the fabric of innovation.”

But unlike traditional venture capitalists, multinationals are less interested in profits. They are here to buy innovation – or at least get a peek at the next wave of emerging technologies.

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, the large Spanish banking group, opened an office in San Francisco last year. The team, which has about $100 million to fund local start-ups, is looking for consumer applications that will help the bank create new businesses and better understand its customers.

“We are in one of the most regulated and risk-averse industries in the world, so innovation doesn’t come naturally to us,” said Jay Reinemann, the head of the BBVA office. “We want to avoid the video-rental model. We want to evolve alongside our consumers.”

The companies are hoping to tap into the entrepreneurial mind-set. Multinationals, with their huge payrolls and sprawling operations, are not as nimble as the younger upstarts. While they are rich in resources, big companies tend to be more gun-shy and usually require more time to bring a product to market.

Of the 750 corporate venture units, roughly 200 were established in the last two years, according to Global Corporate Venturing, a publication that tracks the market. In the last year, corporations participated in more than $20 billion of start-up investments.

Big business has played the role of venture capitalist before, with limited success. During the waning days of the dot-com boom, financial, media and telecommunications companies sank billions of dollars into start-ups. Companies say they are taking a different approach this time. Rather than making big bets across the Internet sector, investments are smaller and more selective.

As they try to find the right start-ups, some are forging tight bonds with local firms. BBVA, for example, is an investor in 500 Startups, a venture firm that specializes in early-stage start-ups and is run by Dave McClure, a former PayPal executive.

Unilever and PepsiCo are limited partners in Physic Ventures, a venture capital firm designed to help corporate investors build commercial partnerships with portfolio companies. Both Unilever and PepsiCo have installed full-time employees in Physic’s downtown San Francisco offices.

American Express has stacked its investment team with technology veterans. Mr. Sanghi, the head of the office, has spent roughly three decades in Silicon Valley and formerly led Motorola Mobility’s venture arm. Through its network of relationships, the office has met with roughly 300 start-ups in the last six months.

The connections have started to pay off. Vinod Khosla, the head of Khosla Ventures and a co-founder of Sun Microsystems, introduced the American Express team to the executives at Ness Computing, a mobile start-up. In August, American Express partnered with Singtel, the Singapore wireless company, to invest $15 million in Ness.

Taken from: Mutinationals stake a claim  in venture capital. New York Times. Evelyn M. Rusli

Nine of the 10 possible IPOs this year identified by news provider CNN has corporate venturing backing.

This could be a record. The 10th is Arista Networks, founded and funded by legendary entrepreneurs and angel investors David Cheriton and Andy Bechtolsheim – their trophies include writing the first cheques to search engine Google and server maker Sun.

The 10 are:

Twitter, backed by DST, Mail.ru and JP Morgan

Violin Memory, backed by Toshiba and Juniper

Square, backed by Visa, Starbucks

Xoom, backed by SVB Financial Group

Dropbox, backed by Goldman Sachs

Arista Networks

Box, backed by SAP Ventures and Salesforce

Marin Software, backed by SAP Ventures

Kabam, backed by Intel Capital, Warner Bros and MGM

Opower, backed by General Electric

Taken from: Corporate Venturing, Jame Mawson.