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Mobile Innovators 2012

Too young to remember the brick phone? We’re not. We used to sell them. Here’s proof. The mobile phone has come a long way since its birth in 1973…or 1983…or 1946 (depends on what your definition of “birth” is). Sure, we love today’s smartphone, but it didn’t get smart overnight. Here are 10 of the most important innovations that happened along the way. (By the way, this is a list of technology advancements, not specific phones. Sorry Nokia N-Gage.)

The Personalized Ringtone: Finally, another way to tell the world that you’re really into The Baha Men.

Text Messaging: The first text was “Merry Christmas.” The last one will probably be “Wat does this buttn do? :)”

Email: Suddenly, “sorry, I’m away from my computer” was no longer a valid excuse. “I’m ignoring your email because I don’t like you,” however, still worked.

Snake: The Godfather of mobile gaming. Reverently bow your head to it every time you play Angry Birds on your HTC ThunderBolt.

The Camera Phone: Early versions were no match for your actual camera, but these days, they’re getting really good (8-megapixel good).

The Internal Antenna: Because pullout antennas were really annoying, really flimsy, and if you sat down wrong, really painful.

Bluetooth: Look Mom, no hands! And Dad. Dad can look too. I guess what we’re saying is both parents can look.

The Touchscreen: Until we start controlling things with our minds, this will have to do.

3G: Web browsing, streaming video, quick downloads…4G may be faster, but 3G made the smartphone revolutio

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