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Most Disruptive Technologies to 2025 – McKinsey Global Institute

What technologies will most radically transform human life in the next twelve years?

Disruptive Tech

The McKinsey Global Institute looked at more than a hundred possible candidates across a variety of technology fields and narrowed the most potentially disruptive down to a dozen. They are, in order of size of potential impact:

  • Mobile Internetdefined as “increasingly inexpensive and capable mobile computing devices and Internet connectively.”
  • Automation of knowledge work or “intelligent software systems that perform knowledge work tasks involving unstructrured commands and subtle judgments.” An example might be IBM’s Watson system.
  • Internet of Things or “networks of low-cost sensors and actuators for data collection, monitoring, decision making and process optimization.”
  • Cloud Technology or “use of computer hardware and software resources delivered over a network or the Internet, often as a service.”
  • Advanced Robotics or “increasingly capable robots with enhanced senses, dexterity, and intelligence used to automate tasks or augment humans.” This category is perhaps most famously personified by the Baxter robot (profiled in the May-June issue of THE FUTURIST magazine).
  • Autonomous and Near-Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Next Generation Genomics or “fast, low-cost gene sequencing, advanced big-data analytics, and synthetic biology.”
  • Energy Storage.
  • 3D Printing
  • Advanced Materials defined as “materials designed to have superior characteristics.” Much of what we today call nanotechnology would fall within this category.
  • Advanced Oil and Natural Gas Recovery
  • Renewable Energy

Of the above, the Mobile Internet, which could change the lives of more than 5 billion people around the globe, the automation of knowledge work, and the Internet of Things would have by far the largest economic impacts, according to McKinsey. All together, the above technologies could generate $14 to $33 trillion per year in 2025. But the authors caution that much of that growth will be at the expense of older technologies and even entire industries falling into obsolescence.

“When necessary, leaders must be prepared to disrupt their own businesses and make the investments to effect change,” the report’s authors write. “By the time the technologies that we describe are exerting their influence on the economy in 2025, it will be too late for businesses, policy makers, and citizens to plan their responses. Nobody, especially businesses leaders, can afford to be the last person using video cassettes in a DVD world.”

Source: Executive Summary McKinsey Global Institute 

Technology Review’s Emtech 2012 & Colombia´s TR35

EmTech Colombia

Technology Review’s Emtech 2012 is the premier annual conference focused on emerging technologies and their impact. Medellín  is the city were this prestigious event will bring together for the first time in Latin America the key players from technology, engineering, academic and management communities to discuss the technological innovations that are changing the face of business in Colombia.

During the event the winners of Colombia´s Emtech TR35 award will be presented. This selection recognizes Colombia´s  most outstanding innovators who are younger than 35. The awards will be granted to 10 young researchers and entrepreneurs.

EmTech Colombia es el congreso de tecnologías emergentes del Instituto Tecnológico de Massachusetts (MIT) que, organizado por su revista Technology Review en español, se celebra por primera vez en Latinoamérica. Es el lugar donde los científicos e investigadores que trabajan en el desarrollo de las tecnologías capaces de cambiar el futuro en la próxima década se reúnen con los empresarios, emprendedores e inversores interesados en conocerlas y convertirlas en realidad. Un ámbito en el que transformar ideas en soluciones que resuelvan las nuevas necesidades de un mundo que evoluciona. Un espacio donde conocer a las personas y empresas más innovadoras del mundo.

Además, durante el congreso se entregarán por primera vez los premios TR35 Colombia, con los que el MIT, a través de Technology Review en español, galardona a los diez jóvenes investigadores y emprendedores colombianos menores de 35 años más innovadores en sus respectivos campos.

En EmTech Colombia también se celebrará el Foro de Inversión, que tendrá lugar durante la segunda jornada de la conferencia. Durante hora y media, los impulsores de los proyectos empresariales más destacados de Colombia se reunirán con un selecto grupo de inversores de capital riesgo, especializados en tecnologías limpias, biotecnología, nanotecnología y tecnologías de la información y la comunicación.